As I started writing I realized there are quite a number of things I want to touch on, all of which pertain to being an Artist and a Parent. So here’s my list of topics I’ll be hitting throughout the month.  Headspace, setting your self up for success.  Letting go, the beauty in the destruction.  […]

So this year has quickly ramped up to be the year of the sleeve.  Here is a first look at a Zeus vs Hades piece I’m working on (click the photo for a closer look).  Also here’s another first look at the final drawing of a fujin/raijin sleeve I’m hopefully gonna start soon (forgive the watermark […]

I’ve quickly realized that lettering is the single most popular thing I’m doing now a days, especially at the beginning of my career.  I’m not about to complain about it either, I really have a good time with it when I’m allowed to do my thing.  So I always try and talk the client into letting me […]

Happy New Year everyone, especially as we near the Year of the Horse (for those if you following the Chinese calendar). It’s been a slow winter so far, which means I’m compiling a great deal of drawings and paintings that are ready to be tattooed. I’ll be updating our flash wall at the shop with […]

 I see that we meet again.  My wife and my self are now residence of Sunnyside Queens in New York City.  We made the leap a month ago and what an adventure it was/has been.  We love our new apartment and the city has been fabulous, although a lot to take in.  We only just […]

Thanks for stopping by.  Here’s an update on what I’ve been doing.  Updated my website a little for 2011, nothing major just some esthetic tweaks. An old buddy from college hit me up to do a piece for her that she’s been wanting for some time now.  She was a champ sitting for this one, […]