So at random I’ll have lunch at work with my buddy Chris.  Needless to say we will draw most times.  This time we drew each other… and only noticed that we were both doing it after we had stopped talking for a few minutes. Mine of Maue. Maue’s of me. J.

So a while back, April if memory serves me correctly, my wife’s little brother came to stay with us for two weeks.  Within that time the two of us went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and he went off to play in the children’s garden as I got to sit in the shade and draw. […]

I got to go hangout with some friends at Black Thorn Pub & Pizza and eat the remaining slice of pizza they had and sip some warm beer by buddy Andrew failed to finish.  Since I had wanted to be some what productive that evening I brought along a sketch book.  As I’m known as […]

What is Art? The thesaurus gives us these alternatives: skill, craft, technique, knack, facility, ability, know-how.  I think these words lend more to the public perception of the word art than its actual definition. “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination… producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power” .  I like […]