If there is one subject matter I may never grow tired of it’s skulls (of any sentient being).  I started and finished this sheet this month; the bottom two designs are reworks of some Bob Wicks flash.  Since the page was kind of crowded already I decided to use the background as a Japanese study. […]

Happy New Year everyone, especially as we near the Year of the Horse (for those if you following the Chinese calendar). It’s been a slow winter so far, which means I’m compiling a great deal of drawings and paintings that are ready to be tattooed. I’ll be updating our flash wall at the shop with […]

I love walk-ins.  Some can be done on the fly, while others require hours of research and drawing.  These two are my favorites recently.  Kristy’s Roses were done over two sessions and Kat’s compass/clock took me many hours of cross eyed drawing before we sat down to knock it out in one session. I also […]

It’s typical for someone to walk in with a drawing or photo of what they want tattooed.  Certain people are dead set on the picture in their hand, others (thank the stars) are as flexible as snakes.  This is an example of a client trusting me enough collaborate on the final product. This is what […]

So I’ve not forgotten about the internet… believe me, I’ve wasted far too much time on it in the past several months.  However I have been really busy. I am working at Inkman Tattoo on 18th ave now, I’ve been there almost a year at this point.  And I can’t thank everyone there enough for what […]

Spent this weekend working on new and older projects. Did my second start to finish color piece and was pretty happy with the results. There are plans afoot as well that I hope to be sharing with you all soon. Thanks to Sean! And thanks to Matt! Thanks for stopping by. Peace, J.

Seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the internet blogosphere in the last seven months, my apologies.  I’ve been busy working, riding my bike (and blogging about it), drawing, painting, teaching my self how to skateboard and generally getting my life figured out.  The last one, as always, is a continuing work in progress. […]

 I see that we meet again.  My wife and my self are now residence of Sunnyside Queens in New York City.  We made the leap a month ago and what an adventure it was/has been.  We love our new apartment and the city has been fabulous, although a lot to take in.  We only just […]