About Me


Hey there, I’m Jonathan Fournier.  I started tattooing in 2010.  Self taught until moving to NYC in 2011, I didn’t have a traditional entrance into tattooing.  However, working alongside some of the strongest members of the tattoo community in mainly custom shops, both in NYC and St. Louis, has given me the ability to work big and prune each project into the strongest visual story possible.

At the beginning of 2017 my passion for story telling led me to working as a freelance story artist creating storyboards for film and advertising.  I’m excited about the future and I hope you’ll follow along as this next chapter unfolds. 

It all starts with a consultation, whether you are looking to get tattooed, are in need of a Story Artist or want to commission artwork, please email me at squigglybastard@gmail.com

For tattoos it is helpful to know what part of the body you want tattooed, feel free to send any reference material you may have and let me know when you want to get tattooed.

You can find me at Ragtime Tattoo in St. Louis (3144 Morganford Rd.)

Ragtime Transition

I guest spot at Inkman Tattoo in Brooklyn (18th Ave and 64th St) throughout the year.
All my travel dates are posted in the Events page.