About Me

PortraitAs an Independent Artist Jonathan Fournier is a full-time Tattooer and freelance Story Artist.

Jonathan forged his way into tattooing by making his presence known very quickly.  He has worked alongside some of the best members of the tattoo community, earning him respect both in NYC and St. Louis.  Jonathan has followed in the foot steps of his mentors by working in custom shops specifically.  This unique foundation has given him the skills to do large tattoo work and prune each project into the strongest visual story possible.

Jonathan’s affinity for storytelling in his art moved him to start freelancing as a Story Artist.  He has worked on feature films and a variety of advertising campaigns.

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It all starts with a consultation, if you’d like to get tattooed or are in need of a Story Artist please email me at squigglybastard@gmail.com
For tattoos it is helpful to know what part of the body you want tattooed, feel free to send any reference material you may have and let me know when you want to get tattooed.


Find me tattooing at Ragtime Tattoo in St. Louis (3144 Morganford Rd.)Ragtime Location