Hand to eye

As I started writing I realized there are quite a number of things I want to touch on, all of which pertain to being an Artist and a Parent. So here’s my list of topics I’ll be hitting throughout the month. 

  • Headspace, setting your self up for success. 
  • Letting go, the beauty in the destruction. 
  • Helping hands, your new art partner. 
  • ‘I have no free-time!’, punching your pre-kids self in the face. 

I’ll be doing a weekly video of one of my #inktober drawings. You can follow along with my dailies on Instagram. This is an hour of video compressed to 3 mins, it only gives you a glimpse of the helpful eraserer, the eager pencil organizer, the spotlight technician and Bumblebee’s cameo. Not to mention the fact that he’s sitting in my lap for half of the drawing. It’s easy to get frustrated, believe me some days it’s a full on struggle, but he’s my art companion.  



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