The waiting game. 

The challenge for any artist is the early stages of the journey. On top of that there is never a clear timeline either. We are bound by our location, the people we surround ourselves with and our work ethic. It’s only when all three align that things start cooking. 

Hind sight is 20/20 and there are always things we could/should have done differently. However, I’m grateful for where I am and what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far. My point in all this is after spending years sitting around wondering “when am I going to be busy?” I’m waking up every morning wondering “Do I have enough time in the day?”  

This last year has been a whirlwind of work, experimentation and testing of what I’ve been taught by those I’ve worked with and for. It has taught me self reliance, which is a huge part of growth.  It has helped me understand where I am in my understanding of tattooing and what gaps need filling.  

The guide book is only as good as the reader. More often than not we are given information that we are not ready to properly digest.  It’s usually due to not having any form of context to apply it to. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to always be attentive because one day we’ll say “oh shit, I get it now!”

I’ve had numerous “oh shit” instances this year: while drawing, tattooing or running through emails. I’ve learned to appreciate the time and energy that has been imparted upon me, since I’ve left NYC, and I’ve started to understand it, really understand it. I’m grateful for those I’ve worked under and alongside of over the last 6 years of tattooing.  Thank you!



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