Six shades of Black, my work in the greyscale

I think most people start off drawing with a pencil.  I have a thoroughly stuffed box of drawings from my childhood and I’d say 90% of them are from a #2 pencil.  Up until the pass 3-4 years I never “got” color.  That is to say I never learned color theory, never studied it or took the time to understand the principles behind it.  So until recently I’ve built my skill set around the grey scale, and I’ve gotten pretty confident in my techniques.  My critics will say my look is too “clean,” and they’re right.  I usually shoot for a smooth soft gradient with a decent amount of contrast.  But I’m still playing around with different techniques and where I can, I try for a looser dare I say grittier feel.  Also I’ve been pushing my self to use smaller liner groupings as a way to build up my drafting skills.  It also naturally slows me down a little so I can concentrate more on my technical abilities.  It’s working but it also means I’ve been having to do more stretches and use my foam roller and tennis ball more frequently.  Belly aching be damned here are some black and grey pieces I’ve done recently.

Clifford Jai couples 1 couples 2  AlexMadison ken's ship (1) Teighlor 1st Portrait

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