Photo (word) vomit… the newest of the new.

Being a father/husband tattooer having extra time is few and far between soooo this is going to be an all encompassing “update” dump of what I’ve been up to. I have four big projects in the works right now, one of which I’m giving you a peak at today. These bigger pieces take me quite a while to plan and plot out since working on a large scale takes a different approach. I’m still figuring out my “work-flow” for this kind of work, but I’m having a blast with it. Any how, dun dun dun daaahhh! Heres the bottom half to Phil’s sleeve that has been in the planning stages for nearly a year and we just started putting it on him not too long ago. We are three sessions in now (this first picture is after session #2 [click on it to see a bigger version]).
Phil S (2nd session) composite
phil skull (1)

Having worked for Apple for so long a lot of my clients are still friends from those day, which I’m very grateful for. Got to do this pi/möbius strip mashup for my buddy Alex.
Alex Newman 1

My client that I did that warrior girl on is turning into a regular for me. He came back two more times to have me repaint some of his old tattoos, and we have at least one more to do. These have been great lessons for me. (gargoyle and whitesnake)

Matching shoulder roses is also becoming a thing for me, and I’m not complaining about it (other than tattooing right on the shoulder is a pain in the ass for my lower back, lol). Did these matchy match roses on Remi last night, thanks for hanging in there dude!  (the lettering on his chest is not by me)

To finish this off here is a healed shot of the flaming skull I did earlier this year. Thanks to Joe for swinging by to show this to me!




  1. Wow, Jonathan. I love that sleeve outline. The horse, the wolf, trees, skulls… 🙂 And those repaint pieces look amazing. Well done! I’m always impressed.

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