Good Ol’ Skulduggery

If there is one subject matter I may never grow tired of it’s skulls (of any sentient being).  I started and finished this sheet this month; the bottom two designs are reworks of some Bob Wicks flash.  Since the page was kind of crowded already I decided to use the background as a Japanese study.  There were some good learns: how to shade in clouds (I fucked up the left half and did a better job on the right) as well as some of the rules of waves.



I’m excited to say I got to do my first Misfits tattoo yesterday!  Without a doubt one of my favorite punk bands.  I was honored to have Matty ask me to tattoo him as he’s been a client of Danh’s for some time.


matty c

Thanks for looking.



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  1. John I stumbled across this again, and I just gotta remind you that you totally nailed this one. It was exactly what I was looking for; a non typical Misfits Skull tattoo. I’m so happy you did it for me as I wished, and also in a tough spot. Nooone will ever have that Misfits Skull done as well as I have , nor will they have it in the spot that we put it on. Love seeing how much you’ve progressed and refined your work since I met you. Thank you so much. Matty C

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