Back from the beyond.

Seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the internet blogosphere in the last seven months, my apologies.  I’ve been busy working, riding my bike (and blogging about it), drawing, painting, teaching my self how to skateboard and generally getting my life figured out.  The last one, as always, is a continuing work in progress.

Drawing about riding a bike in New York City.

I’ve been focusing on painting and developing my watercolor skills.  I’ve always admired and respected tradition americana flash and tattoo style for many reasons.  However, from an artistic standpoint I struggle with viewing it as too refined and underdeveloped.  Because of this it is challenging for me to output work of this nature.  My first real efforts at a page of flash were based off of designs by deVita and Bob Shaw (below).  This sheet was definitely a challenge and I’ve gotten some good feedback on things I need to work on.

Vice tv just finished putting out their series Tattoo Age, which provides a fabulous look at 5 very different very talented tattoo artists in the industry right now.  My favorite part were the episodes on the artist Grime.  I’ve always admired and been drawn to Grime’s work.  What I really enjoy about it is the perfect harmony between the traditional bold design, outline and color world and the very lose illustrative and graphical world.  Watching and re-watching his episodes sparked the direction I’m finding my self moving towards.  The below painting was the first result of that epiphany.

I’ve also been tattooing as well.  Since I did Kari’s tattoo I’ve been privileged with tattooing Drew, Matt and my Wife.  Since I’ve started using 5 mags I’ve been getting better results and more confident with my shading.


I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and to my reader’s thanks for your patience with me not up dating this site recently.  There will be big changes in the next months to this site as my current web host for my external site will be disappearing, more on that later.



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