Movin’ on Up.

 I see that we meet again.  My wife and my self are now residence of Sunnyside Queens in New York City.  We made the leap a month ago and what an adventure it was/has been.  We love our new apartment and the city has been fabulous, although a lot to take in.  We only just got plugged back in a week or so ago thanks to some screwy strike at Time Warner.

But alas here we are.  I’ve been able to start a tattoo on my wife and do one on my friend Kari (bottom picture) the other day.  I’ve also been busy rebuilding my portfolio (inset picture).  And I’ll be damned if I don’t break out my water colors soon, boy has to learn some time.

Here is yesterday’s labor.  Oh and I did it backwards, shaded first then tightened it with liner afterwards.  I know, I know, but it worked and hell I wasn’t as stressed out because of it.


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