Technical Pens

Went over to my friend Chris’s place to drink coffee and draw.  Ever since I picked up a pencil and started drawing I’ve been a little scared of drawing with pens.  The whole no eraser bit always scared me.  Discovering technical pens was really helpful because they give you great control and minimal bleed.  So as a lesson I’ve started making myself draw in ink more.  I’m getting a lot more confident in laying down a line and am working on studying line weight.  It’s good practice and I’m liking the outcomes.  I really enjoy that it makes me think about shading in a totally different way; shading techniques oddly turn me on.

This is what I drew this evening.  The beak, eye and top of the head were roughed out with a pencil and the rest I went right at it with the pen.  Good clean fun.  Enjoy



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