As I started writing I realized there are quite a number of things I want to touch on, all of which pertain to being an Artist and a Parent. So here’s my list of topics I’ll be hitting throughout the month. 

  • Headspace, setting your self up for success. 
  • Letting go, the beauty in the destruction. 
  • Helping hands, your new art partner. 
  • ‘I have no free-time!’, punching your pre-kids self in the face. 

I’ll be doing a weekly video of one of my #inktober drawings. You can follow along with my dailies on Instagram. This is an hour of video compressed to 3 mins, it only gives you a glimpse of the helpful eraserer, the eager pencil organizer, the spotlight technician and Bumblebee’s cameo. Not to mention the fact that he’s sitting in my lap for half of the drawing. It’s easy to get frustrated, believe me some days it’s a full on struggle, but he’s my art companion.  



4 months into working at Ragtime and I’m hooked.  I love the environment!  I’m getting constructive feedback and the level of camaraderie is fantastic.  Feeling very grateful to be here!

Here is Alex’s Odin vs. Fenrir side piece we finished up.  Most of this tattoo sits on some very extensive skin grafting.  I always enjoy a good fight scene and Alex always sits like a rock!
Alexander Odin

Nothing beats a good Harry Potter tattoo, loved doing this Hedwig!  Grateful for Haley trusting me with her biggest tattoo yet!
Haley Hedwig

Thanks for looking, more to come… sooner than later!


Listen up Internet I’m excited to announce I’ll be tattooing out of Ragtime Tattoo starting April 2nd (this way we know there’s no tomfoolery)!

I’m grateful to my co-horts at TRX that have made me feel very welcome back in Saint Louis.  So I leave grateful for what I’ve been able to learn and develop over the last year and a half.

It’s time for a change and I’m looking forward to getting back to a custom, appointment only, shop environment.  All existing appointments are still being upheld and everything carries over, but appointments on or after April 2nd will be conducted at Ragtime.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email or call me (if you have an appointment you have my number already).

I’m excited to join a solid crew of artists that I can learn an awful lot from.  To quote my spirit animal Chris DOGT “Don’t take for granted everything that you COULD be doing today. If there is something YOU want to do in life, fucking do it!” “Shake yer buttcheeks and have fun damnit!!! Life is completely fucking awesome!!!!!”

I leave you with this piece I finished for David.
Jonathan Fournier bg5



The challenge for any artist is the early stages of the journey. On top of that there is never a clear timeline either. We are bound by our location, the people we surround ourselves with and our work ethic. It’s only when all three align that things start cooking. 

Hind sight is 20/20 and there are always things we could/should have done differently. However, I’m grateful for where I am and what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far. My point in all this is after spending years sitting around wondering “when am I going to be busy?” I’m waking up every morning wondering “Do I have enough time in the day?”  

This last year has been a whirlwind of work, experimentation and testing of what I’ve been taught by those I’ve worked with and for. It has taught me self reliance, which is a huge part of growth.  It has helped me understand where I am in my understanding of tattooing and what gaps need filling.  

The guide book is only as good as the reader. More often than not we are given information that we are not ready to properly digest.  It’s usually due to not having any form of context to apply it to. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to always be attentive because one day we’ll say “oh shit, I get it now!”

I’ve had numerous “oh shit” instances this year: while drawing, tattooing or running through emails. I’ve learned to appreciate the time and energy that has been imparted upon me, since I’ve left NYC, and I’ve started to understand it, really understand it. I’m grateful for those I’ve worked under and alongside of over the last 6 years of tattooing.  Thank you!



This was a fun project on a really good dude.  In order to finish this before he went abroad for a semester we did all the shading on the lower 3/4s of this piece over two days back to back.  Sam was a beast needless to say.  He had come to me not so happy with the shoulder cap that he had gotten by someone in Canada, I believe [the music staff portion].  So I spruced it up for him and then we came up with the rest.  Looking forward to seeing this healed up when he gets back.

Sam Sleeve final session (1 of 3)

Sam Sleeve final session (3 of 3)

Sam Sleeve final session (1 of 1)

Sam Sleeve final session (2 of 3)


Hello internet gang.  I will be hitting the road for a week every month next year to tattoo somewhere new.  My goal is to learn as much as I can and meet as many cool people as possible.  I will still be based out of Saint Louis and tattooing there 2-3 weeks every month.

First stop is Fort Collins Colorado around the end of January.  If you are interested in getting tattooed please email or call me.  or 573.330.5993

In February I will be back in Brooklyn tattooing at Inkman with Danh and Ricky!

Come March I will be down in Austin.  Email or call me for details.

More plans to come.  I’m trying to set things up for Portland and Philadelphia as well.  Stay tuned!


I love this dude and miss hanging out with him. I always look forward to his random texts with ideas for future tattoos. Never a dull moment, Sean has the most tattoos by me out of all my clients and I’m grateful. He has a really great collection going as well by some very rad artists.  Sean 1 Sean 2 Sean 3  Sean 5 Sean 4