As I started writing I realized there are quite a number of things I want to touch on, all of which pertain to being an Artist and a Parent. So here’s my list of topics I’ll be hitting throughout the month.  Headspace, setting your self up for success.  Letting go, the beauty in the destruction.  […]

4 months into working at Ragtime and I’m hooked.  I love the environment!  I’m getting constructive feedback and the level of camaraderie is fantastic.  Feeling very grateful to be here! Here is Alex’s Odin vs. Fenrir side piece we finished up.  Most of this tattoo sits on some very extensive skin grafting.  I always enjoy […]

Listen up Internet I’m excited to announce I’ll be tattooing out of Ragtime Tattoo starting April 2nd (this way we know there’s no tomfoolery)! I’m grateful to my co-horts at TRX that have made me feel very welcome back in Saint Louis.  So I leave grateful for what I’ve been able to learn and develop over […]

The challenge for any artist is the early stages of the journey. On top of that there is never a clear timeline either. We are bound by our location, the people we surround ourselves with and our work ethic. It’s only when all three align that things start cooking.  Hind sight is 20/20 and there […]

This was a fun project on a really good dude.  In order to finish this before he went abroad for a semester we did all the shading on the lower 3/4s of this piece over two days back to back.  Sam was a beast needless to say.  He had come to me not so happy […]

I love this dude and miss hanging out with him. I always look forward to his random texts with ideas for future tattoos. Never a dull moment, Sean has the most tattoos by me out of all my clients and I’m grateful. He has a really great collection going as well by some very rad […]