Hit the Road Jack, Traveling in 2016

Hello internet gang.  I will be hitting the road for a week every month next year to tattoo somewhere new.  My goal is to learn as much as I can and meet as many cool people as possible.  I will still be based out of Saint Louis and tattooing there 2-3 weeks every month.

First stop is Fort Collins Colorado around the end of January.  If you are interested in getting tattooed please email or call me.  squigglybastard@gmail.com  or 573.330.5993

In February I will be back in Brooklyn tattooing at Inkman with Danh and Ricky!

Come March I will be down in Austin.  Email or call me for details.

More plans to come.  I’m trying to set things up for Portland and Philadelphia as well.  Stay tuned!


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Sean… with a K

I love this dude and miss hanging out with him. I always look forward to his random texts with ideas for future tattoos. Never a dull moment, Sean has the most tattoos by me out of all my clients and I’m grateful. He has a really great collection going as well by some very rad artists.  Sean 1 Sean 2 Sean 3  Sean 5 Sean 4

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Loyalty amongst pirates.

This post isn’t about Pirates at all but it is about one of my favorite clients who is well on her way to rivaling Sean for caring the most tattoos by me.

Shannon is awesome.  She picked up my skull hydrangea piece I had hanging up in the shop after I had done a little walk-in ‘coordinates’ tattoo for her.  Since then we’ve added this indian girl head and are planning some more things here in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.  I whole heartedly appreciate her laissez faire approach to the tattoos she has me do, thank you my dear!

Oh and if you want a great massage then go find Shannon at Morgan Ford Massage Therapy, she’s the reason I’m not hunched over and crying after a full week of work!

Shannon 1 Shannon 2

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Let it settle

Seeing your work healed is a treat, cause it doesn’t always happen too often.  Plus I’m very green behind the ears and never feel like I know what the hell I’m doing anyway.  So having the opportunity to scrutinize your work once it’s settled in is very educational.  The first two are about a month old and the last one is probably 6 months old.  Seeing them side by side is fun (healed vs. fresh).  Enjoy.

Victoria Healed Victoria Randy Randy fresh Melaniemelanie

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Coloring within the lines, keep it simple stupid.

As I was saying last week color is my weakness.  But I know that if I keep my pallet simple I can make it work and have a lot of fun in the mean time.  Below are some of the color pieces I’ve had fun doing so far this year.  The butterflies being struck by lightning was the 5th tattoo I ever did.  I had redone the line work in New York about a year or so ago, and we finally got to finish it off.  Also you can click on the Phoenix in order to see it much bigger.

small stuff 1 John Elise peanuts StitchDannyDiane Phoenix  Christian Aaron

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Six shades of Black, my work in the greyscale

I think most people start off drawing with a pencil.  I have a thoroughly stuffed box of drawings from my childhood and I’d say 90% of them are from a #2 pencil.  Up until the pass 3-4 years I never “got” color.  That is to say I never learned color theory, never studied it or took the time to understand the principles behind it.  So until recently I’ve built my skill set around the grey scale, and I’ve gotten pretty confident in my techniques.  My critics will say my look is too “clean,” and they’re right.  I usually shoot for a smooth soft gradient with a decent amount of contrast.  But I’m still playing around with different techniques and where I can, I try for a looser dare I say grittier feel.  Also I’ve been pushing my self to use smaller liner groupings as a way to build up my drafting skills.  It also naturally slows me down a little so I can concentrate more on my technical abilities.  It’s working but it also means I’ve been having to do more stretches and use my foam roller and tennis ball more frequently.  Belly aching be damned here are some black and grey pieces I’ve done recently.

Clifford Jai couples 1 couples 2  AlexMadison ken's ship (1) Teighlor 1st Portrait

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I started doing mandalas this year and am having a lot of fun with it.  Now that I have a decent template and workflow I’ve removed most of the geometric stresses and am able to concentrate more on flow and design.  If you have been wanting to do something like this I am interested in exploring this subject matter further.  A special ‘thank you’ goes to Victoria, Tessa and Lori for being some of the first few to challenge me in this regard!

Victoria Tessa Lori

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