Healing vibes

I always love getting healed photos of my work.  I learn more from seeing my tattoos after they’ve settled.  You never tattoo just for the fresh photos.  I had a lot of fun with this piece and I’m really happy with how it healed up.  Thanks for taking care of her Kat!

Kat HealedKat Healed Composite

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You better know how to write.

I’ve quickly realized that lettering is the single most popular thing I’m doing now a days, especially at the beginning of my career.  I’m not about to complain about it either, I really have a good time with it when I’m allowed to do my thing.  So I always try and talk the client into letting me draw up what they want, it always looks better as a tattoo that way.  And there is no shortage of inspiration with the likes of NORM, BJ Betts, Big Meas and loads of others slaying the writing game on a daily basis.

Here as are some of my latest efforts.  The top two were spontaneous walk-ins, the last one we scheduled out so I could map it all out.  No matter the flavor I have fun and am always humbled that I get to do this for a living.

Michelle Tricilia Justin

Thanks for looking.  As always you can find me at Inkman Tattoo on 64th st Saturdays – Tuesdays 1-9pm.



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Squiggly Bastard… an introspection

A little while ago I was approached by my buddy Josiah (Ape House) to do a video interview.  His work is a way of highlighting the people he knows and gives you some insight as to what they are about.  I’m honored he asked me.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Marching on…

It’s been a fun year so far.  Built my first liner from a Danh Vu Goliath frame.

Had fun with this tribal wolf tattoo that I took horrible photos of.

Had the wonderfully nerve wracking experience of tattooing my baby sister before she returned to England.  This is the first session on a half sleeve we are doing.  Looking forward to finishing this one!!

Got to tattoo my good friend Matt again.  After a long while of talking about this we finally sat down and banged out the first session on his Han Solo blaster.  Pretty stoked on how this one came out!

Had fun doing my take on the ever popular girl tattoo theme ‘flying flock of birds’.

The best part of being a tattoo artist is sometimes you have no idea what you are going to be doing that day.  Got to do some more of my script work on Christian while his buddy was getting tattooed by Danh.

And finally my long over due sheet for my dude Chris Tate in a trade we are doing.


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Good Ol’ Skulduggery

If there is one subject matter I may never grow tired of it’s skulls (of any sentient being).  I started and finished this sheet this month; the bottom two designs are reworks of some Bob Wicks flash.  Since the page was kind of crowded already I decided to use the background as a Japanese study.  There were some good learns: how to shade in clouds (I fucked up the left half and did a better job on the right) as well as some of the rules of waves.



I’m excited to say I got to do my first Misfits tattoo yesterday!  Without a doubt one of my favorite punk bands.  I was honored to have Matty ask me to tattoo him as he’s been a client of Danh’s for some time.

Matty C (low low for web)


Thanks for looking.



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Putting the Horse first

Happy New Year everyone, especially as we near the Year of the Horse (for those if you following the Chinese calendar). It’s been a slow winter so far, which means I’m compiling a great deal of drawings and paintings that are ready to be tattooed. I’ll be updating our flash wall at the shop with them, but here are a few of the newest.
Friday the 13th in December was also a success, a little slower than earlier in the year but we had more fun because we could relax.

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Something new, something older

So I had the pleasure of tattooing one of my oldest riding buddies here in NYC yesterday.  It’s always good catching up with old friends.

The new.

Phil G update 1


The old, about a year or so since we did this Panther head.Phil G update 2

Thanks again Phil!



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